What’s editorial coverage worth to you?

March 6, 2009

It’s an interesting question as the Jade Goody media debacle continues. Great overview here from Jon Slattery.

An emotive area around the Goody PR issue recently, of course, as it can be argued that she is merely going to any lengths to protect an uncertain future for her family. The media machine, in light of a terminal illness, is naturally lapping up the morsels fed to it by the Clifford PR team as a subject of immediate human interest.

Are you willing to go to any lengths for editorial coverage? What messages are you sending out there and why? I have seen individuals being deliberately contraversial, over-the-top, pushing accepted boundaries and generally trying to be ‘outrageous’ with a small ‘o’ in the past, in the vein (and vain) attempts at clawing out additional column inches in the publications I have edited over the years.

Individuals and businesses which try to hi-jack media attention through dubious/contraversial/self-focused means rarely succeed in adding any value longer-term to the media, and largely result in delivering a less-than-positive view of their commercial concerns in the process.

It’s all about maintaining editorial integrity and bringing a positive experience to your target Press.

This usually comes from positive people-based stories: whether the Goody affair will be classified in this category remains, at this juncture, to be seen. Coming weeks and mass media coverage will tell of course.

Personally, I am with Slattery all the way.


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