News-stand or download?

March 4, 2009

It’s a novel idea and one which may help certain niche magazines to ride the recession – a site which allows consumers to download latest copies of various magazines directly onto their desktops.

The site,, could well offer an instant, reliable and cheap magazine alternative – one which saves the readership time and the publisher money. Bingo.

There is, of course, the intangible part of the magazine buying and reading process: readers like to feel the product, to browse it, flip through it: to have, in other words, a real, physical experience with the printed product.

This can’t be replicated online. The same reading experience doesn’t come from a download. Well, not for me.

Although, to be fair, during the week I am happy to source my regional, national and trade News online, then indulge in newspapers and magazines at the weekend. When there is time to fully enjoy the reading experience.

It remains, ultimately, about gaining fresh contenton a daily basis, and quickly. Maybe this is where the site will win readers and revenues.


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