British bloggers feel the economic pinch

February 10, 2009

Unfortunate news today that stunning British blogging firm Shiny Media is shedding editorial/blogger positions in the company, as a Recession-forced company re-structure sees the loss of editorial staffers and indeed one of the original co-founders Katie Lee, who departs to try other ventures.

A sad day for the British blogosphere today – and for those involved in digital media in the UK. These beacons of blogging and online editorial have been leading the way, albeit through a very similar business model to Nick Denton’s hugely-successful American Gawker platform.

At least they have the guts to get into the British economy and stake their claim as online editorial and marketing Champions, to the point where the Shiny Media team secured multi-million Pound investment funding in 2007.

Shiny Media co-founder Chris Price is incredibly generous and forth-giving in his praise of the departing Lee, and rightly so. In fact, he remains somewhat positive and upbeat, stating on the Company’s news pages:

“Shiny is a British new media success story. We have built a stable of great media brands that between them attract over three million readers each month. Times maybe tough now, but we are confident that this move, though painful in the short term, will leave us well placed to thrive and prosper in the future.”

Having already seen British blogging enterprises fail in the last 12 months due to a lack of advertising interest and not enough quality editorial input, it will be interesting to watch the UK’s blogging sector – this has profound potential impacts on those involved in digital PR, online media and marketing via the Web.


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