What the Tweet’s going on with social media?

February 8, 2009

It’s all getting very confusing for many – and there are no signs of it getting any clearer in the near future.

No, I am not talking about continued editorial cutback and redundancies amidst the Recession – but rather the continued, rapid, and at times bewildering developments within the world of social media.

To the uninitiated editor, the world of blogging, podcasting, twittering and the like can seem a world away from the good old days when the most difficult thing to worry about was flat-planning a magazine or newspaper. Today, publishing online is an essential part of the mix if a publisher wants to live long or happily in the creative spaces of publishing, journalism and related sectors.

And whilst as an editor of a few years’ standing, it was comforting for me to recall the days when the company website actually was only a shop window and the monthly magazines were still the bread & butter of the business: being involved in the commercial process today can seem incredibly intimidating to the old-school world of editors out there. Ahem.

I, however, find it exciting, enthralling and am enthused to see publications kicked dragging and screaming online, forced to shape up, increase content value and amounts to an ever-increasing online audince which is demanding more openness, more editorial transparency, more engagement and, ultimately, more involvement with the requirements of customers, with readers.

I found this excellent analysis of what’s happening within social media at the moment. It sums up nicely the confusing world in which content creators need to exist to stay on top of the various sources of editorial information their audiences are wanting.

Congratulations to author Matthew Buckland. I certainly smiled. And will be following his blog when I need clarity in the social media maze from now on. Sometimes, the simplest expression of a complex concept is all that’s required for a journo.


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