Citizen journalists bombard the Beeb

February 6, 2009

Interesting news here on the nature of Newsgathering, in a week dominated and affected by heavy snow.

The winter weather has, according to this report, led to more than 40,000 user-generated content submissions to the BBC News team this week. With significant reductions in the amounts of British workers buying their News from the usual sources, it seems as if many have been getting online and not just sourcing information, but actually adding to the daily stream of News on the Beeb.

Peter Horrocks, Head of the BBC Newsroom, has thanked the citizen journalists on the Beeb’s blog, and it looks as though the thousands upon thousands of public submissions has set a record for the amount of content given over to the BBC for consideration. Horrocks is quick, of course, to make is clear that citizen journalism is not replacing traditional journalism, but rather complementing the variety and diversity of Newsgathering tools available.

It still remains, however, that sourcing, searching, digging, uncovering and being the first to convey News remains the central driver on our radar for good News coverage.

Encouraging to see that Content is, indeed, King.


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