Piers Morgan gets a grilling

February 3, 2009

Looks like Piers Morgan is in the news again, following his attempt to get closer to the rich & famous in Dubai.

Morgan has publicly criticised the interviewing standards of Jonathan Ross, claiming Wossy is nothing more than an entertainer, who ‘wouldn’t know a good interview question if it bit him on the backside’ no less.

Harsh words from a man who was recently seen on TV interviewing some of the richest and most influential people in Dubai in a programme claiming to get to the heart and soul of this Middle Eastern area. Where was the diversity of the people?!

The Telegraph, Guardian and News of the World have been universal in attacking Morgan’s documentary on Dubai, and to be fair, Morgan’s approach on Ross reminds me of that Clapton tune Before You Accuse Me Take A Look At Yourself. As in, maybe he should conduct some thorough and honest self-examination before lampooning the likes of Ross, who is, in effect, just another version of the same type of media animal Morgan is currently portraying himself to be. Weird world, eh?!

I am sure Morgan knows what he’s doing. It’s when media celebs attempt to hold the limelight by any means possible I find it hard to swallow. And his comments on Wossy are not hugely measured. Sometimes, saying nothing is a far better option.


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