It’s official: Blogging can kill you

January 30, 2009

As if it isn’t tough enough being in editorial at the moment, shocking news today that a prominent blogger has had death threats made because of the impartial and informative views and reviews posted on his blog. Incredible.

Michael Arrington, founder of the influential tech blog TechCrunch has said he will be ‘taking a break’ from blogging on the site, following threats made, which included being spat in the face at a recent Conference in Munich.

Arrington, widely-recognised as one of the most prominent bloggers on the planet, has taken the decision to halt his online editorials temporarily, having hired a security team to oversee him and his family. The death threats have been classified as genuine, serious and with very real intent to actually endanger life, sources state.

To be fair, and to offer some editorial balance, Arrington is not a helpless victim here: he has a legal background and has been accused in the past of strong tactics, including online bullying, to get his points across and bring the revenue streams into TechCrunch. Tactics which included slamming the New York Times. Dangerous move.

All of this aside, however, a death threat remains a pretty O.T.T. way of expressing distain at online editorial. I had better be nicer to Rubella from Ostentatious PR for a while. Ahem.


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