A terrifying vision for traditional Editors?

January 19, 2009

As if maintaining circulation figures for print newspapers and magazines wasn’t difficult enough for Editors in today’s economic environment – now, according to this fascinating article in the Guardian Media – new media channels will force Editors handling content across offline and online mediums to consider web traffic patterns, online readership trends, and clickstream, among other key factors, in the way they manage publications online.

It appears that being able to manage a publication online is also going to be increasingly measured by the routes to the publication, the amount of time a reader stays on certain pages, where they navigate to, and which Columnists they follow for leading opinion on the issues of the day. As more readers migrate online, so too inevitably will the advertisers. Stalemate.

Furthermore, there will be a battle fought between publishers of multiple sources of content from easily-obtainable sites online, and those news-gatherers and opinion formers and thought-leaders which comment on the same issues being cut-and-pasted online from a myriad of web information. There will be a differentiation of readerships – and, of course, advertisers.

A compelling – and in some ways terrifying – commentary on a possible future for Editors’ roles in the new media landscape.

In light if that information, consider this: if you are looking to gain editorial commentary to boost your profile, or to advertise in a key publication to re-inforce your company’s messages…where will you be looking for maximum impact?

Given the detailed measurability available when analysing readership and advertising patterns, the Web will increasingly win.


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