The Perfect PR – Part II

December 11, 2008

Further additions to the ongoing attempt to find a perfect PR, and here is a strong contender. No, it’s not the magnanimous Rubelle Pymley-Bowles from Ostentatious PR either!

This was an email received yesterday following a brief, courteous and informed phone call from a PR. They knew my name, they asked if I was on deadline, didn’t sink straight into a self-obsessed Pitch, and popped this across to me within 10 minutes of the initial chat. Spot on.

“Hi ******,

Good to talk to you just now.

As promised, here is the feature I spoke about. This looks at ******’s **** ****** ****** equipment and discusses the key attributes that differentiate it from other market offerings. There’s also a quote in the piece from one of the UK customers, who talks about the difference the machine has made to his business.

Like I say, happy to let you take this as an exclusive for ****** ****** in the UK if it’s of interest.

I’ve attached high resolution images. I also have a shot of ****** ******  from ****** (quoted in the feature) which I can send you.

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Kind regards,


Now – PRs. Is this your modus operandi with the Press or do you follow the likes of Rubella? Please READ and discuss!


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