Turning bads news into good…

December 5, 2008

Great to see a number of companies utilising the ongoing economic downturn to positively utilise new business opportunities. And no, I don’t mean capitalising on the financial misery of others.

Truly entrepreneurial thinking and execution from these credit-crunched firms here.

A welcome change to be reporting some positive business News at last, having had a solid 24 weeks of company closures, redundancies and the like.


2 Responses to “Turning bads news into good…”

  1. Simon Apps said

    We can add to the good news! Professional Images has seen a marked increase in turnover as more PR consultancies take advantage of our ‘£150 + VAT for a one hour shoot anywhere in the UK’ deal. Now we have over 60 photographers nationwide, they don’t have to spend ages searching for a photographer anymore and we’re just one call away – and that’s an 0800 number!
    Good times.

  2. bristoleditor said

    This is a SHAMELESS plug Mr Apps!

    If it wasn’t for the simple fact your business has delivered outstanding Press images to me for more than three years, we’d be having stern words!

    Happy Days indeed. Good on ya with the £150 offer.

    Now add something constructive…grins and winks.

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