Feeling insecure yet?

December 1, 2008

Well, the week that was indeed. Worrying news seen today.

We’ve seen regional editorial jobs cut by Johnston press, Newsquest and Trinity Mirror, and the forecasts are looking unlikely to improve anytime soon. It’s this pesky Recession thing, so it seems. Tough times indeed.

One thing is likely, however, and that is – according to the financial pundits in the UK and abroad – that it will worsen in the first nine months of 2009 before it improves. And even then, improvement will be slow.

That will, of course, give no comfort to the families of the journalists in the regions hit by the corporate cuts recently. Having been made a victim of the Northcliffe Group number-crunchers in London a few years ago – I recall it being called ‘economic conditions’ at the time when myself and three other hard-working, under-paid and over-delivering journalists were given summary redundancy notices – I empathise totally with the editorial staff across the three companies who have been affected in the last seven days.

At least the NUJ are involved and fighting our corner. Are your subs up-to-date?


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