The Perfect PR…

November 29, 2008

I have a vision, a dream, an idea of perfect newsroom happiness.

I call it ‘The Perfect PR’ and it goes a little something like this. The Perfect PR does the following:

1. Always asks ‘Are you on deadline’ when they ring me. Actually, they only ring on mutual-pre-agreement.

2. Emails great News story, within the magazine’s deadline structure, in an appropriate copy-style with at least one high-resolution jpeg image at 300dpi.

3. Has actually read the magazine and knows the various editorial items and run of mag.

4. Does not make the assumption that the client they represent MUST interest my readership.

5. Is not so far up their own arse that they forget their main purpose is to deliver great copy on behalf of their client as the professional broker between the newsroom and the client. Nothing more.

6. Never, ever, ever, ever rings me to see if I have received a press release.

7. Has the current Forward Features list, and submits timely, appropriate and relevant feature ideas.

8. Always contacts my commissioned freelancers direct, as instructed on the Forward Features list, rather than contact me, demonstrating they have not actually read the Forward Features List in the first place.

9. Does not ever, ever, ever ring me to ask why a press release wasn’t included.

10. Does not invite me to pointless Schmooze events with no inherent News or Feature value: they understand that I receive 250 PR emails per day, and respect that time is very, very precious indeed.

I have the current pleasure of knowing 3 ‘Perfect PRs’ at the moment – which given the above number of PR emails received daily, does not comment positively on the average delivery of PR to UK editors.

Well, not to this one, anyway.


2 Responses to “The Perfect PR…”

  1. Fantastic. I googled ‘no pointless schmoozing’ and found this piece and your blog. Thank goodness and thank you.

    • bristoleditor said

      Hi Paul

      Many thanks for your comments – much appreciated.

      Never was a fan of pointless schmoozing: seems to be the domain of old-school PRs who can’t be bothered to put in the legwork and actually create useful timely content.

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