Hi, we’re opening an envelope – can you attend?

November 27, 2008

Why do PRs do this – pointless Schmooze events with no inherent News value whatsoever?

Looks like the unwelcome telephone return of Rubella Pymley-Bowles from Ostentatious PR again:

Rubella: HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII we spoke the other day. It’s Rubella from Ostentatious PR.

Editor: Hello again Rubella.

Rubella: Welllllllllllllllllllll, we are having a few nibbles and drinks with our client More Widgets Limited at Ragingly Pretentious, a new post-modernist retro fun venue in Soho tomorrow evening, and I wondered if you would like to attend? It would be soooooo nice to see you there!

Editor: What’s the News angle – what’s the story?

Rubella: OOOH, no boring work things, just a nice social event with us and More Widgets Limited. The Managing Director will be available for an interview with you between 6 and 7pm.

Editor: If there is no News announcement, no Exclusive angle, and nothing other than a free cocktail in a Soho bar, I’ll be giving it a miss. Please keep me up to date with relevant News stories only.

Rubella: Sure, sure, sure. Speak soon and thanks for accepting the invite. I’ll feedback to the client.

Editor: I didn’t accept. I asked for editorial relevance, which you couldn’t give me Rubella. Goodbye. (clicks phone down before more pointless PR drivvel is spouted down the line and wonders how she gets paid)

See the point in hand? They don’t listen!

Nor do many of them even actually read the magazine, follow the industry trends, or – more importantly – push their client to advertise in the publication. Just get the PR in and walk away…aaah, I feel so used!


One Response to “Hi, we’re opening an envelope – can you attend?”

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