What adds value to a newsroom?

November 20, 2008

PRs read this – carefully!

There are a few simple rules which will endear a PR – and, far more importantly, their clients to an editor. They are, in no paricular order of importance…bearing in mind that they are all important if you want to win editorial brownie points and ensure at least the possibility of a positive working relationship with a target editor for your clients PR Campaigns:

1. Read the bloody magazine before you submit client PR – preferably at least the last 3 months’ issues.

2. Research the names and titles of the editorial team – never, ever, ever any generic ‘Hi’ emails please.

3. Make sure you get hold of a current Forward Features list before you consider picking up the phone.

4. When you submit client News stories, make sure you know the mag deadline schedule – and stick to it.

5. Please do obvious things – if the editor wants images with each press release, then send them.

6. Finally – for now – do NOT ring up and check if any PR had been received. Time is precious.

It seems like a few simple things can so incredibly go amiss once a PR Account Director gets to that time of the calendar month when they have to start collating Monthly Activity reports to justify a hefty retainer to a business client.

If straightforward, effective, relevant and well-timed media relations activities were carried out de rigeur, the above posting would not be necessary. And I might fly to the Moon on my keyboard, right?!


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