You won’t believe this…

November 5, 2008

…but it happened today in the newsroom. PRs, pay attention.

Entering another deadline day, and ploughing through endless emails containing various PR copy, images, and spun combinations of both, i had the misfortune to come across a particularly poor press release and jpeg.

Rapidly emailing the PR for a decent jpeg image – within the already-requested boundaries of 300dpi resolution – I received a reply 45 minutes later…asking me not to be so ‘abrupt’ and to be more ‘polite’ in my correspondence.

From a PR Executive, no less. And whilst I am biting my tongue right now, I won’t mention the name of the sign and display franchise firm which is currently employing this champagne-guzzling, sushi-munching, self-affected little PR Princess, because it simply isn’t worth it.

The email I sent back included phrases such as ‘remember your role’, ‘i do not have the time to turn your half-decent News copy and atrocious images into something we can publish, so your Client can pat you on the back’ and ‘you need to consider raising your game’ to spur on some proactive PR activity, rather than mollycuddling a bruised PR’s ego.

Now, I understand that all PRs have to start somewhere, and it is largely about learning as one goes, but for the love of several widely-recognnised Gods – NOT ON MY EDITORIAL SHIFT THANKS!

Funnily enough, said PR Executive has not sent a reply email today. Then again, would I bother reading it.

Anyway, back to editing down another 100-page magazine in 4 days. Oh, whooshing deadlines!

Comments and inputs appreciated…either from fellow Editors or positive PRs who know how to deliver.


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